John Locke's grave plaque, High Laver, Essex, United Kingdom

John Locke's grave plaque, High Laver, Essex, United Kingdom

Essex Record Office, Chelmsford, United Kindgom

I/Mb 212/1/3

Black and white print: Monument to John Locke, High Laver

Date unknown.

Note: The Office does not list the source, but the print appears to be from the Works of John Locke, 3rd ed. (1727) and perhaps other editions. The plaque itself was moved inside the church in 1932.


Used with permission from the Essex Record Office, 2016.

Text of the plaque in English:

Traveler, halt!
Near here is buried
If you inquire about him, he replies that he
was content with his middling station. He was educated 
to the extent that you may learn from his writings
how he worshipped truth alone;  they [his writings] 
will reveal to you everything else about him more faithfully
than the suspect eulogy of an epitaph: his virtues (if he had any) 
altogether too small for him to offer them to you as
deserving of praise, as something to imitate; [and] as for his
faults, let them be buried with him.  If you should seek an example of
morals, you have it in the Gospels; if you should wish an example of
vice, may you not seek it at all!; if you should wish an example of 
mortality (may it profit you!), it is here and everywhere.
He was born Aug. 29, A. D. 1632.
He died Oct. 28, A. D. 1704.
The tablet that commemorates these events will soon perish as well. 
Translated by Francis Newton, Duke University Classics Department, 2016.
© Essex Record Office
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